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Man Walks Into Toys "R" Us And Makes Everyone's Christmas Better

Each year at Christmas, parents want to make sure their kids have everything they want. Though it's true that the holiday season isn't all about presents, there's nothing better than seeing the look on your child's face when they unwrap the toy they've been asking for all year.

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However, Christmas can certainly add up money-wise, and sometimes families have to use layaway. They put a deposit down on their purchase and slowly pay it off as they can. It can be a cause of stress for a lot of people, but the things we do at Christmas for our families are always worth it.

Toys "R" Us is one of the most common places for layaway orders, as parents compile all the gifts they want for their children in one shopping trip. The orders can range anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars. A common time for layaway orders to be placed is Black Friday, as that is when the best sales are happening. After that, there's 90 days to make payments before your order is cancelled.

But for 62 people at a Toys "R" Us in New Jersey, no payments were required for their orders.

The Toys "R" Us in Cherry Hill, New Jersey was live streaming their Black Friday sale, when one man walked in and made an announcement that left everyone stunned.

The man, identified only as Charlie K., said she would be paying for every layaway order at the location so that people could bring their toys home stress-free.

"Just, you know, trying to bring some happiness to people. That's really it," Charlie K. said. "Help bring back to the community that brought so much happiness to me and my family. I can only do it because of the community that provided me the luxury to do it. I love this community, and I’m trying to provide back for it."

"We love the heartwarming acts of one secret Santa who visited Toys "R" Us Cherry Hill this morning - Charlie K. paid off more than 62 Layaway orders totaling approximately $10,780," a company spokeswoman said.

One customer, Stephanie Dawson, said Charlie's generosity paid for all seven of her grandkids' presents.

"I want to say thank you very much, and I appreciate it, and thank God for you," Dawson said.

Stephanie Dawson thanks God (and Charlie) for making this happen.Twitter

Jessica Key, another customer, had no idea it had happened. She walked in to pay her order and was told it was covered.

"They come over and tell me someone actually paid the layaway," she said. "Definitely an early Christmas, and I want to say thank you to the gentleman that came in and donated. It's like the best feeling, thank you."

Charlie K. had intended to pay off every single layaway order in the store, but it ended up being too much money. He did, however, donate another $2,000 worth of toys to the Toys for Tots campaign. He asked everyone in the store to pick out three toys they would like to donate and paid for all of them.

“The Marines and Toys for Tots are one of the best organizations, and I don’t want to forget them,” he said.

Being heralded the Christmas Angel, Charlie K. just made this Christmas one to remember.

What would you have done if you found out your order was paid off?

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