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Service Dog's Adorable Mistake Proves That Even When They Get It Wrong, Dogs Are Still Perfect

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Service animals are adorable, but more importantly they're a helpful lifeline for people living with disabilities and chronic conditions.

Jacquie Blake knows what a difference a trained service animal can make in someone's life, because she relies on her service dog, Harlow, and trains canine helpers for other patients. She's sharing her progress online, and managed to capture a hilarious misunderstanding between her and Harlow.

Jacquie is living with 8 different chronic illnesses, including asthma, narcolepsy, epilepsy and cataplexy. Some days, these diseases make it hard for her to walk, stand, or do something as simple as reach for the TV remote.

“Imagine having your parents having to sit right outside your bathroom, while you’re taking a shower, because now the shower is one of the most dangerous places," she told the American Kennel Club, describing what her life was like without Harlow.

"You can’t drive anymore, and I had just gotten my license because I had just turned 15. I had to be escorted to and from my classes; it just wasn’t a way to live.” But being able to depend on Harlow has made everything much easier for Jacquie.

At least when Harlow actually follows her directions.

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