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"Treatibles," The Hemp Oil Cookies Designed For Anxious Pets, Are Gaining Fans

After rescuing a stray Boxer that she named Grunt, Teresa spent years helping him overcome his fears.

Abused by his former owner and abandoned, Grunt was literally scared of his own shadow and constantly stressed out. He was so anxious that he would even have nightmares and pee in his sleep.

Teresa had run out of ideas, until she saw a post online about a new brand of dog treats called Treatibles designed to help nervous dogs relax. Within 10 minutes of taking some treats Grunt was so relaxed Teresa was "scared," it was totally out of character for him, in a good way.

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These results made Teresa an instant fan of Treatibles, and her great experience with them has been shared on the company's website.

What's the secret that helped Treatibles finally cure Grunt's nervousness? Cannabis.


Treatibles are dog treats made with natural ingredients and infused with hemp oil. They don't make dogs "high," because they don't contain the chemicals in marijuana that affect an animal's brain.

Instead they experience a relaxing sensation that Treatibles says is great for curing nervousness and a long list of other conditions.

It may seem extreme, but dog owners dealing with pets who panic at every loud noise can be desperate for anything that will help their pet relax.

Treatables says their products can also help manage the symptoms of arthritis, inflammation and even epilepsy in dogs.

One customer shared this video of their dog after taking Treatibles, saying that it turned him into "a puppy again":

In case you're curious, Treatibles also says that their product works for cats.

If you're not willing to try something this drastic to help your dog, there are other options. There are a number of herbal remedies recommended for anxious dogs, and you can even make some yourself.

Just remember: you should consult with your vet before giving your dog any new treatments.

Would you ever give your pets cannabis treats? Share this post and let us know!

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