10 Products I'm Surprised You've Lived Without So Far

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The amount of money I've spent online shopping in the last two years is astronomical. Some days I think I want to look it up and check the actual numbers, then I remember that heart attacks run in my family and it's not worth it, because I can guarantee that number is too large for my own good.

The problem is there are just some products that are too good to pass up. I bought a container that holds all my nail polish in little compartments and to say it changed my life is an understatement.

We did you a favor and compiled the 10 best items you should 100% own if you want to live a better life. They also make great gifts for those people who are insanely hard to shop for.

1. USB Mini Fridge

I'm not going to even try and pretend that I don't have a serious addiction to Diet Coke. I also won't pretend that my office doesn't have a soda thief who believes anything in the fridge is up for grabs (IT'S NOT, OKAY?).

The problem is that I don't love warm soda, so I'm taking a big risk by leaving my can in the communal fridge. Luckily my best friend showed me this mini soda fridge and my life has been forever changed. It holds one can of soda at a time, and keeps it nice and cool for whenever you want to consume it. GET YOUR OWN SODA, THIEF.

Get your fridge here.

2. Mosquito Net Hammock

I've always been a fan of camping, but I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or because mosquitoes are getting particularly bad, I just don't find it enjoyable anymore. I'm constantly worried about bug spray and making sure I don't get eaten alive in the woods. This mosquito hammock is a great part of the solution. There's no need to worry about mosquitoes or any other bugs coming after you in the middle of the night, plus you sort of feel like a caterpillar in a roomy cocoon, which is amazing.

Get your hammock here.

3. Pet Water Bottle

I know what you're thinking. "Can't I just let my pet drink from my water?" Well, yes. But then the assumption is that you always have water on you, and that you'll somehow be able to get your pet to drink from a nozzle. With the pet water bottle, you'll have a leak-proof system that lets your dog (or cat) drink effortlessly. The electronic pump means any water they don't drink can go right back in the bottle. There are also filters if you want to give your pet the best, and who doesn't?

Get your bottle here.

4. Vely Vely Makeup Pouch

Finding a makeup bag that holds all my products without being the equivalent size of a tackle box can be challenging. I end up shoving all my makeup and toiletries into a tiny bag and dump the entire thing out whenever I need something. This case lets me have full visibility and I never have to stab my hand on a pair of tweezers or manicure scissors ever again! It's great for when I travel to visit my family out of state.

Get your bag here.

5. USB Blender Bottle

I've started drinking smoothies for breakfast because I find that anything else is too heavy in the morning. Counter space in my apartment is limited though, so having any type of blender is tricky. Plus some days I want to drink it at work and it just becomes a whole process. This blender bottle charges in your USB port and lets you blend smoothies on the go. Plus, there's no transferring glasses which just creates a mess.

Get it here.

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