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When This Cop Found Out Why A Teen Was Trespassing He Reached For His Wallet Instead Of His Handcuffs

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After receiving several warnings, a Chicago teen had a run in with police when he was found trespassing at a local gym. Vincent Gonzales was found repeatedly sneaking into the basketball court of the fitness facility to play hoops with a friend.

An employee of X-Sport Fitness made good on a promise when they found the teen boy, suspected to be about 15-years-old, on the court yet again.

"We had no choice but to contact police," said X-Sport Operations Manager Justin Pritchett.

Chicago Tribune

Pritchett said the teen would repeatedly walk past the front desk and onto the court. One day, he even hid in a bathroom stall to try and hide from the fitness center employees.

"He had had a membership, but his mother could not afford to pay for it anymore and it expired," Pritchett said. "All he wanted to do was play basketball."

When Officer Mario Valenti responded to the call from the gym, what happened next surprised everyone.

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