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Young Trick-Or-Treater's Reaction To An Empty Bowl Has Everyone's Heart Filling With Joy

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When children go out for Halloween, they anticipate the "treat" more than the "trick".

A man and his family from Idaho Falls left their house on Halloween night, but left a bowl of candy for trick-or-treaters on their porch.

They also left a peculiar sign that read: "'Do a trick, take a treat! Only one or two please you're on camera!"

When the family arrived home, they weren't surprised to see the empty bowl of candy. They watched the video and saw the child who took most of the candy.

However, the child that came to see the empty bowl of candy did something that melted their hearts.

At first, the young boy appeared disappointed to see the empty bowl. He turned and walked away, but then turned back towards the house.

He stuck his hand inside the pillowcase, filled with only a few pieces of hard-earned candy, and placed them in the bowl for the next trick-or-treater.

The Idaho man's video of the young trick-or-treater's good deed went viral on Facebook.

Idaho Kid's Good Halloween Deed

WHAT A KID! Watch and be amazed at what this young Idaho Falls trick-or-treater did when he found an empty bowl without candy. :) Full Story: http://bit.ly/2zfC3Oj

Posted by KBOI 2 on Thursday, November 2, 2017

Jesse Robertson, the homeowner, told KBOI 2News he plans to reward the child's kindness with a care package of goodies.

Here's what some Facebook users thought about this young boy's kind deed.

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