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Trish Stratus Was Used To Kicking Butt, Now She Confesses Her Hardest Fight - Look At Her Now

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Trish Stratus is a groundbreaking professional wrestling superstar. Some powerful women open doors, Stratus kicked them open. She was the youngest woman ever entered into the WWE Hall of Fame, she's starred in movies, lent her voice to video games and made numerous appearances to soldout shows, signings and more.

All these accomplishments should make her a pretty hard figure to forget, but after she stepped out of the wrestling spotlight in the mid-2000s many of her fans, Stratuspherians, found it hard to keep track of her.

Trish Stratus
Still Real To Us

She went from being one of the biggest stars, male or female, in the World Wrestling Entertainment's roster, to living the quiet life in her native Canada. Just because she wasn't on TV doesn't mean she wasn't busy.

Hall of Fame

In 2013, Stratus was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by none other than Stephanie McMahon, daughter of the sports most integral figure Vince McMahon. At the time Stratus was the youngest inductee, being just 37. It was one of her first appearances in months, and she was showing off something even more special than an award: a baby bump!

Baby Bump

Her retirement was just beginning, but her real fight was about to begin. Continue to the next page!

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