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Kensington Palace's "Highlights Of 2017" Left Out One Important Royal Family Moment

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Daily Mail

I think everyone is in agreement that 2017 was a trying year, no matter who you were. But it is when things are at their darkest that we have to keep the light closest to our hearts.

It seems that the British monarchy shares this belief, releasing a highlight reel showcasing the happiest moments of the royal family from last year. However, despite their sincere intentions with this touching tribute, many have criticized them for leaving out one of the most important headlines from 2017.

Included in the video were photos from Prince George's first day of school, the first posey given to Princess Charlotte in Germany, and of course, the engagement announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in November.

Strangely enough, the video focused exclusively on the Princes William and Harry and their family, including their tribute to the anniversary of their late mother, Princess Diana.

Perhaps even stranger, the video left out the wonderful news that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a third child. See for yourself.

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