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Trucker Finds Dying Woman On The Side of the Road, What He Did Left The Family Speechless

After a horrific accident, the family of a 25-year-old woman is looking for answers.

Dorthy Marko crashed her truck into a tree on Highway 70 in Hugo Oklahoma early one Sunday morning.

The truck burst into flames with Marko still inside.

People were said to have stopped to take pictures of the accident, but only one passerby sprung into action.


Emergency crews said that a truck driver had stopped to check on Marko and helped pull her to safety.

The badly injured woman, whose clothes had reportedly burned right off her body managed to crawl out of the back of the truck, where the the bystander stayed with her until paramedics arrived.

“At least he comforted her when we couldn’t,” said Brenda Marko, Dorothy’s mother.

Marko was flown to a nearby hospital where she died from her injuries. She leaves behind 2 children ages 5 and 8.

“I’m hoping he made her feel comfortable for those last couple moments. I’m hoping that he eased her mind a little bit so she didn’t have to go alone,” Linda Marko, Dorothy’s sister, said.

Even after her death, the family couldn't stop thinking about the mysterious truck driver that was with their loved one in her final moments.

After reaching out to news stations in an attempt to find him, the were able to identify the helpful stranger.

Darrell Cloyd, a truck driver from Ohio told KXII that he was never supposed to be on that stretch of highway that day. He had taken a wrong turn and ended up on that highway by mistake.

His act of kindness has brought light to the family during a very dark time.

Marko’s mother Dorothy told KXII-TV that she considers Cloyd a “guardian angel,” and says she hopes to meet him the next time his travels take him to Oklahoma.

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