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True Love Cracks This 'Stone-Faced' Dog And She Finally Smiles Again

Two years ago Petra the dog was living a very different life - in fact, she was dying a slow and painful death in Athens, Greece.

She was practically skeletal when rescuers finally convinced her that it was safe to come off the street. The 5-year-old mixed breed was sick, terrified and living every day as though it would be her last.

Because she was so afraid of human touch, it took a long time for rescuers to convince her that she would be safe in their hands.

Valia Orfanidou welcomed Petra (Greek for stone) to the Save a Greek Stray shelter in Oropos, Greece.

"I think she's always been a stray because she looked like she had never been around people," Orfanidou told The Dodo. "Even dogs in that condition, if they've been around people are more friendly. Petra looked like she had never been touched."

The poor dog was treated for everything from mange to skin infections that caused painful scabs and lesions. She had an infection that could have become deadly if they left it untreated.

The terrified girl was so afraid of humans that she refused to leave her enclosure, but Orfanidou refused to give up on her - even after she went to the bathroom in her cage.

Slowly, Petra began to come around and grew a little braver with every day. With lots of love and affection, Petra's mange healed and her fur grew back - along with her confidence!

Now, she's smiling and loving her life!

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