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Would You Be Able To Pass This "Marriage Quiz" From The 1930s?

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Karen Finlay

It's safe to say that views on marriage and equality have evolved over the past century.

But sometimes it pays to look back in time and remember what couples once considered a happy, healthy relationship.

No surprise here, but things were definitely tougher for woman than for their husbands.

Don't believe me?

Marriage Advice From The 1890s

Advice columns and agony aunts have always been popular, but some of the advice they gave out in past decades is highly questionable.

Take these suggestions from the British Newspaper Archives.

Vintage ad.

Here's a "tip" for women dealing with a husband who stays out all hours of the night:

Don’t sit up till he comes home from the club; better be in bed and pretend to be asleep.

If you must be awake, seem to be glad he came home early. He’ll probably think you an idiot; but that’s inevitable anyway.

That's inevitable?! How charming.

"Don't mope and cry"

It's not exactly "Dear Abby," is it? But here's another kernel of wisdom from the "good old days."

Don’t mope and cry because you are ill – women should never be ill.

They should also never criticize their husbands, "even to your mother," as a housewife warned her readers.

So what should women do all day instead? Stay at home and work. And even if that makes you unhappy, "you husband at least will be comfortable."

Think your marriage would have lasted back in the 1930s? There's one way to find out, a handy "Marital Rating Test" from the era.

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