5 Bizarre Things People Have Tried To Bring On An Airplane

We've all been there: you slept through your alarm and now you're late for your flight to whatever tropical destination awaits you on the vacation you've been planning FOREVER now. You leap out of bed, throw on your loosest and comfiest of clothes, call a cab, race to the airport, check your bags... and then have to wait hours in line while someone with an x-ray machine grills someone about a tiny Swiss army knife that they forgot was in their pocket. UGH.


It's basically a fact that nobody likes dealing with the TSA when it comes time to catch a flight. Comedians have written routines about it, people have taken to the internet to complain, and all in all they just seem to exist to slow things down and make life more difficult for travelers.

Except that they're not. The truth is that the TSA actually do provide a pretty essential service for travelers, and while some of them really do decide to take things a bit too far, all it takes is a quick look at some of the things that people try to sneak through security to discover that maybe there's a reason for the excessive security checks.


The TSA recently took to their Instagram account to show off some of the things that they've had to confiscate over the last little while, and the results are both shocking and hilarious.

Because a derringer on a plane can't possibly go wrong...

This little firearm is known as the Snake Slayer. I know some of you have had it with those monkey-fighting snakes on your Monday to Friday planes, but firearms are prohibited as carry-on items. It was discovered in a carry-on bag at Tampa. 🐍🐍🐍 … While firearms are prohibited in carry-on bags, you can pack them in your checked baggage as long as you meet the packing guidelines: … As a refresher, carry-on bags go into the cabin of the plane with you. Checked bags go into the cargo hold of the plane where passengers have no access. … When firearms are discovered at the checkpoint, we contact law enforcement and they decide what happens based on background checks, interviews and local laws. … A firearm at the checkpoint could lead to fines, arrests, missed flights or all of the above. As far as what happens to confiscated firearms, that's up to each local police department.

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How about a cane that holds live bullets?

Nothing says the holidays quite like a freaking battle axe!

Who exactly needs a cleaver on an airplane?

Or a full-on GLAIVE?!

Maybe we should be cutting the TSA some slack during this holiday season.