TV Host Goes Crazy Trying To Solve This Incredibly Tough Puzzle [Video]

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The hunt for gold has driven mankind to do some very silly things, but this contest is definitely one of the strangest cases ever.

It takes place on the tiny Japanese island of Sado, where a historic gold mine operated for almost 400 years. Since it closed in the 1980s the mine has been turned into a museum, and along with lessons about the island's history it holds a world-famous challenge for visitors.

The Sado Brick is a 27-pound solid gold brick, housed in a glass case. The contest is very simple: if you can reach through the 3.3 inch hole and pull out the brick (which is 3 inches wide at the base) you get a special prize. It's deceptively simple, which is why it draws so many eager contestants.

Unfortunately, once they get their hands on the solid brick they realize just how hard it is to pull it (and your hand) through the tiny hole. The challenge was so notoriously difficult that a TV host was called in to prove it was even possible.

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