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Surprising Evidence Says Twins Can Actually Read Each Other’s Minds

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Genco Gulan / Wikimedia

When I was growing up, a pair of twin boys at my elementary school were the subject of a lot of strange rumors.    

Like most twins, the boys spent almost their time together. But some of the stories about their bond revealed an almost supernatural connection.  

When one fell and scraped his knee on the playground, the other complained that his hurt too.

Stories like this are surprisingly common around the world, and some connections go even further.

Creepy connections

The famous "Jim Twins," who were separated at birth.Shoe Online

One famous pair of Finnish twins made headlines around the world when they died just a kilometer from each other, only hours apart.

The first brother died while biking on a highway, when he was hit by a truck.

Hours later, his twin was biking the same route - oblivious of the accident - and was hit by another truck.

Then there was the famous case of the "Jim Twins," who were both raised apart since birth, and never knew they had a twin.

Both men grew up to marry women named Linda, then divorced and re-married to women named Betty.

They both liked drawing and carpentry, both loved math but hated spelling, both smoke and drank heavily, and both experienced headaches at the same time each day.

The truth is out there...

They sound like freaky coincidences, but a study shows that twins might actually share a supernatural connection.

An English research project asked pairs of twins and non-twins to guess what their partner was drawing without looking.

The twins scored twice as many correct answers as the non-twins.

So how does science explain this creepy connection?

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