Twins Spend $20,000 On Cosmetic Surgery To Look Like Brad Pitt

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The Schlepp twins were 21-years-old when they appeared on MTV's I Want A Famous Face, where they underwent $20,000 worth of plastic surgery.

Mike had a nose job, and cheek, jaw and chin implants, while Matt had a nose job and a chin implant. The brothers also have 41 porcelain veneers between them.

"It was more than worth it," Matt said while on the show. "I feel on top of the world by the few tweaks that I went through. Go through with the surgery now because you don't want to go through life always feeling down with the way that you look."

They also claimed their new looks have heightened the attention they've received from the opposite sex.

"I've had such a dramatic change that girlfriends I hadn't seen in a while couldn't stop staring, and said they wanted to cry! If that doesn't make you feel good, then what would?” Matt said.

"I would do it ten times over. It has definitely helped me get more girls. I'll walk and get that double-take from girls and hear the whispering that follows," Mike added.

Do you know anyone who's gotten plastic surgery to look like their idol?

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