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'Twisted' Kitten Was Left Behind Because "No One Wanted Him" But He Proved Them Wrong

Instagram - Ivan The Twisted

Ivan is a very special cat, who was looking for a very special home. His legs aren't like other cats, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want love and affection like every other animal.

He was surrendered to the shelter because his malformed legs make it difficult for him to get around, but no one was interested in adopting him. They knew they were going to have to really shine the spotlight on him so he could find the perfect home.

The shelter sent out a press release about Ivan, hoping that it would help raise awareness about this "super social" sweetheart.

"Born without radial bones in his front legs, which are also missing two toes on each paw, and a deformed left hind leg, Ivan 'army crawls' his way around as walking is impossible," the organization described. "Moreover, he is unable to use his litter box each and every time, making it all the more difficult to identify an adopter willing to take him in."

"What Ivan lacks in mobility he more than makes up for in personality," adoption center manager, Alyssa Krieger, said.  "His physical limitations will always be there"”so we're looking for the adopter who can see through that and give him the second chance he deserves."

The shelter put out the call, hoping that at least one person would consider adopting him, but the response they got was overwhelming.

Before the press release, the shelter hadn't received any adoption inquiries about the sweet little Ivan, but thanks to the announcement, he had well over 2,000 requests! They needed to make sure that his new home would be the perfect fit, but luckily they had a lot of options.

People from all over the world applied to bring Ivan home. The shelter received applications from families in Thailand, China, Australia, Canada, the U.K. and across 40 states in America, and they were finally able to find someone who would be able to take good care of this sweet little boy.

The family they picked were happy to get him, continuing his Instagram for all those who want to keep up to date with the sweet cat.

You can follow him at IvantheTwisted. There were so many families drawn to the shelter that Ivan wasn't the only cat to get adopted! The shelter says that two senior cats found homes as well!

Ivan is going to go on to live his best life with his brand new family who will love him, even though he has special needs. Congrats on finding the perfect home Ivan!