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Twitter's New Announcement Proves The Internet Has More Than 280 Characters

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While the popular news and social networking service has long stood by their 140 character limit for 'tweets,' they have been talking about introducing a larger cap for some time. Finally, it is here and now just about everyone has access to 280 characters to express their inner thoughts and desires, feelings and intuitions.

Oh boy. Here we go.

People were so excited for the upgrade, they got nervous!

Of course, some knew exactly what they would talk about.

Before open-access, certain celebrities could take part early.

Users had been waiting for this moment for a while.

Like to showcase their favorite rap!

Obviously emojis counted, and brands were quick to hop on!

When TV shows got involved, the references got absurd.

And in case you hadn't heard about it already...

But some users got REALLY clever with their new space!

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