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Two Little Stowaways Were Abandoned On This Family's Boat, But They Refused To Abandon Ship

When a family bought a boat in Georgia, they had no idea what was hiding inside. It wasn't until they drove the ship back to their home in Virgina, that they realized they had two extra passengers on board!

The tiny stowaways were kittens, no older than 9 days old!

When they realized how young these babies were, the family brought them to a local shelter. The kittens were taken in by Foster Kitten Home Richmond, VA, where an experienced foster mom looked after them.

Love Meow reports that the family who found them named the two little kittens Pistachio and Raisin.

The kittens needed to gain a lot of weight, so they were fed as often as they would eat. Their foster mother named them Curly and Moe, which seemed to suit the little ones just fine!

After two weeks, the little ones finally opened their eyes!

A little underweight, but they're getting stronger!

When they're big enough, these two will be adopted into their forever home!

Lucky little kitties! They're well on their way to a happily fur-ever after!

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[h/t Iheartcats / LoveMeow ]

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