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Two Lost Kittens Had Nothing But Each Other, Then A Hero Finds Them And Their Transformation Is Incredible

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Inner City Strays

A woman in Sydney, Australia was looking out at her backyard one day when she noticed two little kittens hanging out under a bush.

The little twins had pretty orange and white coats and they appeared to be brothers. When she walked closer with some food, she realized that there was something very special about these tiny boys.

She guessed that the kitties were about three weeks old and when scooped one up, realized that he had an abnormality in his eyes. After looking closely at his brother, she knew they needed to go to the vet immediately.

As it turns out, both kittens needed considerable medical care. It would be too expensive for their rescuer to afford on her own, so she petitioned several local rescues for help.

Just when it seemed like no one would come to their aid, Inner City Strays offered to provide the medical care they desperately needed.

Diana Dammery, from Inner City Strays, could not refuse these sweet little boys. She knew that they would require plenty of medical care, since they had both been born with deformed eyelids and a condition where their eyelashes turned inwards, rubbing on their pupils.

The rescue center decided to name them Isaac and Stevie. The two ginger brothers had a very successful first vet visit, where they were so brave.

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