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Two Tiny Wedding Crashers Made This Couple's Pictures The Cutest You've Ever Seen!

When two veterinarians get married, you know there might be a few animal themed surprises. When Michele Bangboll and Nick Anderson got married back in March, they proved just how much they really love cats with the sweetest surprise.

They volunteer regularly with Divine Feline, a rescue agency in Colorado so they decided to bring along a few furry friends to their celebration.

While taking some pictures outside in the cold, the rescue brought in two sweet little babies named Jeeves and Houdini as a way to raise awareness for their organization. They got to be in the pictures and the whole bridal party was thrilled!

“Everyone in the bridal party was freezing since we had been standing outside without jackets for a while and we told them all to wait for one more surprise and then we brought out the kittens,” Bangsboll said “I think everyone’s voice jumped up an octave when they saw the cuteness overload and no one cared about being cold anymore. One of the groomsmen was even reluctant to go back inside when we were done with group photos because he wanted to hold them!”

Sorry to the bride and groom, but these little babies may have stolen your thunder a bit....

Jeeves and Houdini will be available for adoption in a couple weeks when they are old enough.

Every wedding needs more kittens! Share if you agree!

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