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The Type Of Friend You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Friendship is a beautiful thing. I consider my group of friends family, and I can't imagine going through life without them.

Each and every single one of us are from different walks of life, but there's something that we all saw in one another that made us want to be in each other's lives.

All my friends have specific personality traits that I appreciate, but sometimes I can't help but wonder how much of an influence our zodiac signs have had on the type of friends we are.

There's a lot that zodiac signs can reveal about our role within the friend group. They can help us answer questions like: Why am I the only one who always gets picked to do certain activities? Am I more of a leader or a follower? Am I better off with a small or big group of friend?

Read on to find out what the signs say about the type of friend you are:


Aquarius - The rebel

People born under this sign are free spirits, so when it comes to friendships, you enjoy pushing your friends out of their comfort zones, and have them try new things with you. As long as you're having fun and being challenged the friendship will always be strong.

You're a good listener, conversationalist, and offer great advice because you dish it like it is without holding back.

Your stubborn and rebellious nature can sometimes make you appear intimidating and moody to those who don't know you well, but to your good friends, you are one of the most caring, sensitive and loyal people they know.

Pisces - The empath

Your friends love coming to you when they need to have a chat because you are wise beyond your years. You're really good at giving out advice, but they're often driven by emotion due to your empathetic nature.

You don't like seeing your friends feeling hurt and down, so you try your utmost to make sure they know their worth and that they're loved. If there's one friend that makes a huge impact on everyone in the group, it's you Pisces.

Aries - The wingwoman

You're the friend that gets asked to be a maid-of-honor or bridesmaid more than anyone else because you're the matchmaker.

You want all your friends to find love, and that means you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. The fact that you're intuitive and honest makes it even easier for you to be a wingwoman because you're able to spot red flags instantly.

As a natural-born leader, you tend to be the friend that initiates activities and brings new ideas. Combined with your larger-than-life personality, your friends are never bored. You do have the tendency to be a little bossy and overreact to certain matters, but it's not hard for your friends to calm you down.

Taurus - The ultimate BFF

Everyone who has a Taurus in their life knows how lucky they are. You're the loyal-'til-the-end type of friend, you know, the one that everyone trusts with their darkest secrets. Although your strong sense of loyalty is why your friend group is small. You can't let anyone be a part of your life if you don't trust them, and vice versa.

You're the friend that prefers to get together for dinner and a movie, rather than go to a big party. You're supportive and patient, but you're also persistent, so know which buttons to push to help your friends meet their goals and be successful. Sure, they may be a little annoyed at first, but they will thank you later.

Gemini - The adventurer

Due to a Gemini's dual personality, it can be hard to get along with everyone you meet, but you always have a core group of friends who get you. You're the friend group's glue, thanks to your extroverted side. There's never a dull moment or lack of witty banter when you're around, be it in the group chat or during girl's night out at the bar.

You see life and relationships as big adventures, so you're the type of person that's always ready and willing to hang out, go on escapades, and take part in other thrilling activities with your friends. You're also a great planner, so your comrades will likely approach you when they need help with organizing fun events, like birthday parties.

You'll try anything at least once and that's a trait your friends admire. It's also the reason why they have a collection of amusing stories involving you and your shenanigans.

Cancer - The caregiver

You're the mom of your friend group, but not in the "I tell you what to do" kind of way. Your friends are like family to you so you do what is necessary to take care of them.

You're caring, generous, and compassionate, and always readily available to offer emotional support when a friend needs it.

You're very mature, a good listener, and have great perspective on life, which makes you the go-to friend whenever someone needs advice. It's important that your friends reciprocate some of these traits, like listening, because there's only so much listening you can do before you need to vent.

Leo - The party animal


Everyone enjoys your company, and you love the attention you get. You have more than one friend group because you make friends easily and you like being really close friends with all of them.

As a charming, natural-born leader you can be a little too bossy, and being the center of attention can make your closest friends feel lesser, but that doesn't mean that you're self-absorbed.

You know yourself better than anyone else, so you prefer to talk about you instead of bringing up something about someone else that should've remained hidden and render one of your friends uncomfortable. Isn't it ironic?

Virgo - The martyr

It's well known that Virgos seek perfection in everything they do, and being a friend is no exception. When you first meet people, your shyness can sometimes get in the way, but once you're comfortable, it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

You make the perfect friend because you're devoted, compassionate, wholesome and helpful. You're always ready to lend a hand and will never complain when a friend asks for a favor because you see the value in being surrounded by good people. In fact, you sometimes tend to take on a little bit too much, and not all your friends can truly see how much effort you're putting in. But the few who know your worth are the true friends you've known for years.  

You tend to be anxious around large groups, so you keep your friend circle small. Still, you have a hard time deciding who to keep around and who to let go because you've already sacrificed so much of yourself to make a friendship work. But once you make up your mind, there's no going back.

Libra - The social butterfly

You're very social and always ready to have a good time. You don't like being on the sidelines, so you're willing to put yourself out there and your friends love this about you. Mostly because whenever they need someone to accompany them somewhere, you rarely turn them down.

You're also that friend who will strike up a conversation with random people, and introduce new members to your squad.

Even though you do often find yourself rolling in different different circles, you never choose one friend over another because you're fair. Ironically, your diplomatic nature can sometimes make your friends think that you don't care enough to pick sides, but obviously, that's not the case. You just like to weigh the pros and cons of every situation before you make the final call.

You always stand up for your friends when someone does them wrong, but you're also not afraid to call them out, politely of course, for their own wrongdoings.

Scorpio - The protector

No one is as protective as you are when it comes to your friends. Your friends are like your family and you always have their backs.

You're very honest and trustworthy, so your friends never hesitate to confide in you because you will take their secrets to the grave. However, sometimes they may have to be careful what they tell you because you don't like seeing them sad or angry. Whoever hurts your friends should always be watching their back because you would go to great lengths to seek revenge and make sure that they'll never do such a thing again. It's your best and worst trait.

You're like a cop, some people tend to think you're scary, but you're just doing your job in making sure your friends are happy.

Sagittarius - The optimist


Whenever your friends are feeling down, it's you they come to because you're optimistic. You see the good in everything and everyone and you remind them of that when they're about to lose hope. You're the friend that everyone wants to have around during stressful situations, like a breakup, because your positive outlook makes things better.

You're charismatic and funny and you know how to put these traits to good use when a situation needs it. Your friends are always smiling and laughing when they're around you.

You dream big and you encourage your friends to do the same. They won't always agree with your risky plans, but they go along with it because if it doesn't work out, they'll come out feeling better knowing that they tried and that there's always next time.

Capricorn - The leader

Step aside Leo and Aries, Capricorn is the ultimate leader of the friend group because they're strong leaders, but they're not bossy.

Your friends always put you in charge because they know that you're a hard-worker, responsible and independent. No task is too big for you, and you will do all it takes to get it done. You're the friend who coordinates parties, vacations, and reunions, and everyone always has a great time.

Your confidence is inspiring and you lead by example. Your friends look up to you and value your opinion on everything, from fashion to work-related issues. However, you sometimes have to be careful how you say things because you may intend it to be a joke, but they might take it as criticism instead. Thankfully, you're very good at restoring order without turning it into a big deal.

You don't like to see your friends struggle, so you always offer to help when they need it, and won't be satisfied until they are.

You're forgiving and will give friends many chances to earn your trust and respect again when they do you wrong. You do have a hard time letting go of friends who have betrayed you, but when you do, you will never again acknowledge their existence.

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