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The Type Of Friend You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Friendship is a beautiful thing. I consider my group of friends family, and I can't imagine going through life without them.

Each and every single one of us are from different walks of life, but there's something that we all saw in one another that made us want to be in each other's lives.

All my friends have specific personality traits that I appreciate, but sometimes I can't help but wonder how much of an influence our zodiac signs have had on the type of friends we are.

There's a lot that zodiac signs can reveal about our role within the friend group. They can help us answer questions like: Why am I the only one who always gets picked to do certain activities? Am I more of a leader or a follower? Am I better off with a small or big group of friend?

Read on to find out what the signs say about the type of friend you are:


Aquarius - The rebel

People born under this sign are free spirits, so when it comes to friendships, you enjoy pushing your friends out of their comfort zones, and have them try new things with you. As long as you're having fun and being challenged the friendship will always be strong.

You're a good listener, conversationalist, and offer great advice because you dish it like it is without holding back.

Your stubborn and rebellious nature can sometimes make you appear intimidating and moody to those who don't know you well, but to your good friends, you are one of the most caring, sensitive and loyal people they know.

Pisces - The empath

Your friends love coming to you when they need to have a chat because you are wise beyond your years. You're really good at giving out advice, but they're often driven by emotion due to your empathetic nature.

You don't like seeing your friends feeling hurt and down, so you try your utmost to make sure they know their worth and that they're loved. If there's one friend that makes a huge impact on everyone in the group, it's you Pisces.

Aries - The wingwoman

You're the friend that gets asked to be a maid-of-honor or bridesmaid more than anyone else because you're the matchmaker.

You want all your friends to find love, and that means you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. The fact that you're intuitive and honest makes it even easier for you to be a wingwoman because you're able to spot red flags instantly.

As a natural-born leader, you tend to be the friend that initiates activities and brings new ideas. Combined with your larger-than-life personality, your friends are never bored. You do have the tendency to be a little bossy and overreact to certain matters, but it's not hard for your friends to calm you down.

Taurus - The ultimate BFF

Everyone who has a Taurus in their life knows how lucky they are. You're the loyal-'til-the-end type of friend, you know, the one that everyone trusts with their darkest secrets. Although your strong sense of loyalty is why your friend group is small. You can't let anyone be a part of your life if you don't trust them, and vice versa.

You're the friend that prefers to get together for dinner and a movie, rather than go to a big party. You're supportive and patient, but you're also persistent, so know which buttons to push to help your friends meet their goals and be successful. Sure, they may be a little annoyed at first, but they will thank you later.

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