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Fast and Furious Star Says He's "Actually Okay" After Public Meltdown

Just hours after Tyrese Gibson shared an emotional post on Facebook while embroiled in a contentious custody battle over his only child, 10-year-old Shayla, he posted a second video assuring fans that he was doing well.

"Contrary to what some of y'all may believe, I'm actually okay," the 39-year-old actor said in the second video shared Wednesday evening. "And I'm not putting this up to calm people down. If people are having conversations about what's going on in my personal life... my private life has always been private. Do your research. Anybody who's ever been in my life will tell you, I've never seen him cry that way, I've never seen him have a meltdown."

Ladies are our Queens of the Earth..... This is not about Men vs Women.... This is about Men and FATHERS vs LIARS I️ love you...... But like you who always show UP and stand UP for each-other I'm just trying to be a Voice for the unspoken...... The silent protest...... For fully committed and evolved father...... Rather Black, Latino, Asian, Native American, Italian, Dominican or Puerto etc....... rather you have 2 dollars to your name, millionaire, lawyer or the president in the end we all have one thing in common..... None of us as fathers or grandfathers wanna go home and NOT see or have "access" to our angels..... boys make babies real MEN and FATHERS will do whatever it takes to RAISE our angels.................... I️ know I️ know.... this all looks a way..... Just know this.. God is really really UP to something and I️ have already accepted what God has told me to do..............

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"I'm not a singer, I'm not an actor, I'm not a producer, I'm not a writer, I'm not a celebrity. I'm a father. Okay? I'm a father, it's a universal thing. So please, ladies, I love y'all. Our angels wouldn't be here if it wasn't for y'all. But this is not about men vs. women. This is men vs. liars."


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Gibson has been in and out of court over the custody of his daughter, which provoked a tearful plea, that can only be described as a meltdown.

The Fast and Furious actor took to Facebook on Wednesday to release an almost seven-minute long video, where he talks about this feud with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson before addressing his ex-wife Norma Mitchell Gibson.

"Don't take my baby. This is all I got. Don't take my baby, okay?" Gibson says in the video as he starts sobbing. "I've been away from my baby for two months. I just want my baby and no one's listening cause no one's in the courtroom."


"I'm at $13,000 a month, what more do you want from me?" Gibson says loudly as he starts crying again. "I don't hate you Norma. I don't know why you hate me, but I don't hate you. But you just can't wake up on September 11th and accuse me of something I didn't do!"

In court documents, Norma accused Gibson of abusing their daughter on August 19 alleging the actor "pushed our daughter to the ground, pinned her face down, put his knees on her back, grabbed her hands with one arm and beat her with the other."

Norma and Gibson were married from 2007-2009, and she now claims that her ex-husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as manic behavior.

On top of the accusations of hitting their daughter, she also alleges that he was prone to "beat on the people he is in conflict with." She also has accused him of hitting her "a number of times in the past including when I was pregnant with our daughter."

Please guys pray for me and my wife's strength and love.... Women of our world our QUEENS - please stand in prayer with my wife.... and our angel SHAYLA ..... #DaddyLovesYouShaylaNoMatterWhat We are Not just married we are happily married that's when this unexpected attack happened - I'm ONLY speaking out publicly Because I've learned SO much I'm from the hood but have never ever been on trail I repeat EVER....... My main take away is speak TRUTH to POWER and IF you're telling the truth you should never ever settle for what they're offering cause we did nothing wrong...... I'm on my way back to court.... I guess this week after being away from my angel for 60 days no text, no calls, no Facetime and an empty room and bed with no kisses at night before bed me and my wife have been suffering just like I know other real and involved "fathers" have been suffering so I'm on my way and I hope and pray that the your honor in good conscious make the decision to protect our angel - NoRMA I don't hate you I just simply and literally moved on - I'm not just married I'm HAPPILY MARRIED to Shaylas example, Yes is true I didn't just selfishly marry I was on a mission to find my daughters example, her blueprint, her consistent point of reference for what class and sophistication and the power of education and being selfless a feminist, activist, women's marches working inside the prison systems, children's services that's WHO I married proud Shayla I married a licensed social worker and she's SO SO SO powerful and amazing and like your father she's in LOVE with the lord Jesus Christ........ I'm almost out of money....... but I want you to know I'm willing to liquidate and lose it all cause I'm not a Singer, I'm not an actor I'm not a man with material possessions I'm Shaylas FATHER........................................ Pray for us..... please men and women of God pray for us and we have been and still doing the same for you........ "Father" a full on committed FATHER...... Fathers worldwide please I wanna share with you something I learned google Psychology #Enmeshment and watch videos - then google what's called #ParentingAlienation This is illegal, damaging and very harming to our innocent angels and its causes lifetime effects if you don't get in on it early....... Please don't make this about men vs women that's not what this is please it's about FATHERS vs LIERS - And the lies that people are ENMESHED IN!!!!!!!! One day I will get you back........ One day your mother needs help.... And if I lose you over this post...... I hope they ultimately decide to do what's IN your best interest...... But no MATTER WHAT I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOU AND I WILL NEVER ATOP PRESENTING FACTS........ Being honest in honorable and Me and your new step mother are raising an honorable little girl..... God will get you back to me I promise you.... he will.... I'm Jesus name we pray..... and yes fathers were praying for you too.... When we do right we should ALL be rewarded with our babies........ we work HARD and put it all on the line for our babies........ Honorable Queens and mothers of the world I just wanna send my love and Say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Tyrese Gibson on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

"Norma wants Tyrese, her ex-husband, to receive the therapy he needs so that their daughter can have the relationship with her father she deserves. Norma wishes nothing but the best for Tyrese and is willing to support him, through the courts, to become the father he wants to be." Norma's attorney, Khanjian said.


Things weren't always tense between the couple after their divorce. In 2016, Tyrese posted a picture to his Instagram account of the three of them looking pretty happy in the backyard of her home.

"We prayed and made peace on behalf of our daughter...... Seeing the joy that has came over our daughters life and energy brings me to tears every time.......... She's so much more focused in school and her overall energy is just amazing because she doesn't feel torn between 2 parents," he wrote.

Tyrese remarried in a secret wedding on Valentine's Day in 2017 to Samantha Lee, a social worker who fights for children and human trafficking victims. Lee got her Master's in social work from the University of Georgia and is reported to make a comfortable and hefty salary.

The couple is reportedly pregnant with their first child together.

What do you think of his meltdown? Is he okay the way he says he is?

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