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UFC Star Signs Full-Time Contract with WWE And Our Jaws Have Hit The Ring

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To be in the UFC, you need to be tough as nails. You need to be able to take a punch as well as deliver a knockout blow to take down your opponent. While a UFC legend emerged into a thunderous ovation after the first-ever women's Rumble match, the news that broke after surprised many.

Ronda Rousey changed the world of MMA during her career with the UFC when she became the first women's bantamweight champion, winning five of her six fights in the first round.

She then became a huge pop culture icon after hosting Saturday Night Live and appearing in a variety of TV shows and movies.

Rousey ended up losing only two fights in her career. One against Holly Holm in 2015 and the other against Amanda Nunes in 2016 before she walked away from MMA at the age of 29.

Even after her retirement many were still hoping to see her in the ring again.

The 30-year-old superstar appeared to have left WWE fans disappointed after she failed to participate in the historic event, but what people didn't know, was that she had a much different surprise in store for them.

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