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The Greatest Mascot In Sports Proves You Don't Need A Costume When You've Got The Real Thing

There isn't much that is more American than college football. It is a religion unto itself with its own rules and traditions. One of those great traditions is pride for a school's team and the love of its mascot, and the University of Georgia takes the cake for both.

Uga I - The first of his name

Uga I was first introduced to the college football world in 1956 when his owner, Sonny Seiler, brought him to Georgia's first home game of the season. After the game, Georgia head-coach Wally Butts asked Seiler if Uga could become the team's official mascot. Just like that, a beloved tradition was born.

Uga 1, the first of his nameWikipedia

Uga I served in his role from 1956-66 and was present for all of Georgia's home games, most of their away games, and many other university functions. In his time on the sidelines he saw Georgia to a 53-48-6 record and one SEC title. Uga 2 took over from 1966-72 and oversaw the Bulldogs to two SEC titles and one National Championship. Thus it has gone, generation after generation of Ugas standing proud on the Georgia sideline - right up until now with Uga X (tenth) who was first introduced to the college football world in 2015.

Every successive Uga is from the same bloodline as the original, Uga X is actually a grandson of Uga IX. To this day every Uga still lives with, and is owned by decedents of Seiler family who are proud to be mainstays in such an important Georgia football tradition.  


Uga's jerseys are made from the same material as the players

Uga has become such an ingrained piece of Georgia football lore that when each dog passes away, they are interred in their own mausoleum located at the southwest entrance to Sanford Stadium. Each grave includes a bronze plaque depicting Uga's tenure and also includes a unique epitaph. When the end-zone facing west was enclosed in 1992, the graves were all moved to their current location and a life-sized bronze statue was placed in front of the mausoleum.  

The Uga Mausoleum

Though some Ugas leave their job after dying suddenly (Uga VII 2008-09) some are retired in elaborate pregame ceremonies that mark their transition into the next phase of their doggy lives.

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