Ugly Christmas Sweater Shoes Are A Thing Now And They're Amazing

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Shoes Are A Thing Now And Honestly They're Amazing

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As we all get into the Christmas spirit, some of us more daring individuals like to incorporate some of the festive decor into our wardrobe.

Sure, some overly critical so-called "fashion experts" call our outfits hideous, but you know what, we're having fun so who cares!

I get it, the loud colors and patterns are a lot to take in, and the increasingly competitive nature of the "ugly Christmas sweater" contests are getting to be pretty overwhelming. But on the other hand, fashion is supposed to be fun, so why not go a little crazy for the holidays?

But here's the thing fellow festive fashionistas, we don't have to keep our style to our sweaters. Now, they are making Christmas sweater-style shoes and they are everything you would expect a Christmas elf to wear.

The sneakers that have been sweeping the season are absolutely outrageous in the best possible way. There are a couple of options too, so you're guaranteed to find something you like.

First of all, Brooks has made some bright green and red sneakers with candy cane striped laces. There are red reindeer jumping around them and they look like the cutest little accessory to add to your Christmas attire.

Sure, my coworker said they were ugly, but those of us who truly feel the holiday spirit know how amazing these truly are.

Honestly, these are great. I love them.

I'm not even ashamed of it. I think they're awesome.

They aren't the first ones to come out either, last year there were a lot of options for Christmas sneakers from other companies as well, including Nike.

The Brooks shoes, named Run Merry shoes are priced around $100, which I guess for a quality sneaker isn't bad.

So, what do you think, are Christmas shoes great or are they just tacky?