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10 Songs You Need For Your Morning Yoga Practice

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Why do you think yoga is so popular nowadays? I think it has a lot to do with our busy lifestyles. Yoga not only relieves pain in your joints, back, and shoulders, but it also calms the body and mind after a stressful day. In yoga, we begin to find our balance, both in the physical and mental sense.

If a few short yoga poses aren't already a part of your morning routine, it's time to start! Even a simple child's pose or downward-facing dog can loosen up tight hips, stretch cramped shoulders, length calf muscles, and improve blood circulation.  

You can't begin your practice without an amazing playlist, so check out these 10 tracks to get your morning off to a great start:

1. "Your Eyes in the Candlelight" by Michael Whalen

This gentle spa-like instrumental music reminds me of a soft sunrise. When you wake up at dawn, play this song on low while you gaze out the window, watching nature wake up.

2. "OM Shri Arunachala" by Stevin McNamara

Are you ready for a real yoga practice? This soft string-instrument tune lasts for over an hour, so you can track how long you've been stretching. Begin your practice in child's pose and slowly wake up to the day with mountain pose, downward-facing dog, and rag-doll.

3. "Harmonic Cascade" by Dean Evenson & Scott Huckabay

Do you love flute music? It's one of my faves. Wake your body with gentle nature noises and soft melodies reminiscent of a spring day.

4. "Lokah Samastah" by Jane Winthers

Perhaps you prefer a chant included in your yoga practice. While some can be jarring to listen to in the early hours of the day, Lokah Samastah is light and airy throughout.

5. "Call Within" by Manose

A lyric-less song is often the most haunting, and this track combines flute music, birds chirping, and water flowing to create a melody like the glassy surface of a pond.

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