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'Unadoptable' Cat Finds Forever Home, But Now He Couldn't Be Happier

"Adopt, Don't Shop" is becoming increasingly popular. It encourages people to adopt shelter animals instead of going to breeders or pet stores. While this is incredible, there needs to be something added to this: "Adopt, don't shop...and older animals need homes, too!"

Reddit user LoogaBelgua shared the story of how she adopted her new friend, Benny. She was wandering around the shelter looking to adopt a cat, when she decided to take a look in the FIV+ room. FIV is feline immunodeficiency virus, and cats with this virus are often hard to adopt. When LoogaBeluga went to go pet a different cat, Benny came running.

"Benny came over and forcibly climbed on one of my thighs and just loafed there," LoogaBeluga said. Benny grabbed her hands and made it very clear that he intended to go home with her.

"I look up at the volunteer and instantly said "I'll take this one!" says LoogaBeluga.

Benny is 11 years old and had spent 10 of those in the shelter. All he wanted was a special human and special home. And once he got it? could say he was happy.

"I'm not sure how Benny slipped through the cracks when I visited the shelter previous times, but I'm so glad we ended up together. It was one of those decisions that felt like it clicked and the cliche phrase of 'who chose who?'," says Benny's new owner.

When it was time to go home, the shelter staff began assembling the cardboard carrier for Benny.

"As they did so they mentioned 'this can be the hardest part, getting them into the box' and as she was saying that he jumped right in."

"He's doing great these days. He's snuggly and talkative and has such a sweet disposition. He loves 'making biscuits' on blankets and sitting on his perch near the window," Benny's human says. "He's 13 now, has no teeth, he's FIV+, he tolerates me singing 'Bennie and the Jets' very frequently, and he's a big fan of snuggling."


Cats with FIV can live a long, happy life! They just need someone to take a chance on them.

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