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6 Times Kids Gave Us Nothing But Hope For The Future

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Humane Society of Missouri

We all know kids can get up to no good sometimes, but it's when their innocence shines through that we see them for the angels they really are. Have a look at some of these random acts of kindness and see if your heart doesn't just melt from happiness!

Girl Does All She Can To Return Missing $2

When little Isabella King found two dollar bills on the sidewalk in her neighborhood, her first instinct was not to find a candy store, but to find the original owner. She told her parents she wanted to go to the police station, who unfortunately told her that the sum was 'two' small to make a difference, and so said she could keep it. Instead, she is using the funds to donate a box of Girl Scouts nuts to the military.

Noah Couldn't Let His Disabled Brother Run Triathlon Alone

When his brother expressed interest in completing a mini-triathlon, Noah knew he couldn't just sit this one out, so the pair of them managed to finish the running, biking, and swimming event together. Way to go Noah and Lucas!

When Sunshine Wanted To Brighten Up Her Friends Day

Sunshine Oelfke was counting out a baggy of money when her grandma asked her what it was for. "I am going to give it to my friend at school because she don’t get milk for snack. Her mom don’t have any milk money and I do.” Needless to say, her grandmother, and the rest of us, were impressed by her kindhearted gesture!

Kids In Missouri Are Reading To Shelter Dogs And Everyone Wins

While they may not understand the words, we're sure the animals at the Humane Society of Missouri appreciate the company of these school children spending time with them every month. The children benefit by practical their reading skills, and the dogs are introduced to an activity that calms them down so they can be more easily adopted!

Here are even more examples of kids achieving amazing things, and helping those they love too!

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