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Unicorn Makeup Brushes Are The Latest Beauty Product You Can Get For This Unbelievable Price

We're all going gaga over unicorns, and that includes the beauty world. You can get rainbow palettes, tattoos, and hair color inspired by the trend.

Recently, a site called Unicorn Lashes released a set of makeup brushes with handles that look just like unicorn horns. What was the catch? The magical makeup tools cost a whopping £50 (about $62). For most of us, that's not affordable, especially if you already have a set of makeup brushes.

But we wants them!

If you're eager to retire you're boring old grey-and-black brush set, we have good news for you. Primark has just released its own version of the unicorn makeup brushes, and they're ADORABLE!

The pretty brush set has turquoise handles inspired by mythical unicorns and ombre lilac, pink, and white bristles. But you haven't heard the best news yet: The brush set is just $10 and it's available to purchase in the US! Plus, it includes all the basic brushes you'll need, including a powder brush, a blender, and eye shadow brushes.

Do you want them? Buy the brush set here from Primark!

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