University Uses Dogs To Sniff Out The Best Candidates In Special Interviews

If you want to get into the veterinary nursing program at the Edinburgh Napier University you have to impress some very serious judges.

Along with the university assessors, students have to make a good impression on Simba, Tia and Fern, three Labradors who are helping to sort out the candidates.

Apparently, the school's vet program is highly competitive. To narrow down strong candidates (and make the process less stressful) the school includes real animals in the interviews.

Edinburgh Napier University

Jodie Smith, the program head, says the idea helps "hone in on candidates' intuitive skills for working with dogs," which is obviously an important skill for potential vets.

It was good practice for the dogs as well. They're training to be autism therapy animals, so hopefully they managed to put the students at ease.

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