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10 Unlikely Foods That Will Make You Feel Healthier

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One of the bravest decisions I've ever made was changing my eating habits. It took more than a decade for me to finally say enough is enough.

After my first pregnancy at the age of 30, I couldn't eat the same way I used to. My metabolism slowed down considerably.

It felt like no matter what I ate my body would put on extra pounds. I felt so frustrated that I would eat just to alleviate my stress, which in hindsight was the worst decision.

Every year the scale would show a bigger number than the year before, and my New Year's resolutions would get postponed until the next year.

Almost two years ago, I made a life-altering decision, and it had nothing to do with a yearly goal. It was a life goal, and I'm still working at it.

So far I couldn't be any happier with the results, and I'm slowly getting the body I used to have when I was in my late 20s.

It's all thanks to weight loss programs like Nutrisystem and Atkins. Click on the names to check out their different plans to see which one is right for you.

I really like Nutrisystem's meal options. For example, you can eat a cinnamon roll for breakfast, hamburger for lunch, and pizza for dinner. And yes, you lose weight. They have plans that can perfectly cater to your needs for only $12.50 a day!

This weight loss program helped me lose 58 pounds, and I'm not the only person who has achieved dramatic results in only a few months. Millions of people have been using this program for more than 45 years, so you know something's working.

"I tried counting calories, carbs and eating "clean" with absolutely no success. My friend lost 60 pounds on Nutrisystem 5 years ago and has kept it off, and I turned to her for advice. She assured me the food was good and the plan was easy. The first week, I lost more than 5 pounds and consistently lost weight every week thereafter," wrote Kelly, one woman who has also reaped similar benefits.

If this program sounds right for you, sign up now with this link to get a good offer!

Atkins is equally as great, and has a great low-carb diet program. Instead of only burning carbohydrates (sugar), they focus on burning fat by steadying sugar levels and decreasing food cravings.

Low-carb shouldn't sound so scary. I thought I'd be on a very strict diet where I can only eat certain foods, but it wasn't quite like that. Consuming healthy fat is a crucial aspect of losing weight, because fat allows your body to better absorb vitamins.

Their weight loss plans have been so successful that many of its participants have caused a decline in fast food sales!

Other women have also had similar experiences to me, and can vouch for a low-carb life.

"My first two weeks was difficult with the elimination of all carbs and sugar. I felt like a drug addict going through withdrawals and I was miserable ... However by the third week, I started feeling great.

My energy levels increased tremendously and my stomach ailments went away. On my one month visit back with my doctor, I had lost 13 lbs. My positive results motivated me even more and I was even more determined to carry on with my diet. I've decided to tell myself that this is not a diet but a lifestyle change," wrote Bibi, who lost 70 pounds with Atkins.

If this program sounds right for you, sign up now with this link to get a good offer!

Signing up with these programs has given me the right tools to lose weight without having to compromise most of my favorite foods. They'll tell you when you should eat, the portions that are right for you, etc.

They've got some great tips that I've learned from, and I'm here to share a few with you. While these are just tips, the best way you can get results is by following one of their diet plans. Once you get started, you can finally take over the reins.  

So here are 10 unlikely foods that will help you lose weight in no time! The best part is that they're also delicious!

1. Greek Yogurt

Make sure you're stocking up on low-sugar Greek yogurt because it has a host of health benefits.

The high-protein content of this dairy food is one of the key ingredients to a healthy weight loss plan. That being said, make sure you're consuming this yogurt in moderation.

2. Peanut Butter

Most people think this delicious spread will only make you gain weight, but that only happens if it's not eaten properly.

Whether it's for breakfast or a snack, peanut butter spread on whole grain bread is something you'll definitely want to eat more often.

Check out Nutrisystem or Atkin's weight loss plans to see how you can properly incorporate peanut butter in your diet.

3. Dark Chocolate

It's actually possible to indulge in chocolate while losing weight. You're not going to be eating a few bars a day, but having a chocolate every now and then shouldn't kill your self-esteem.

Dark chocolate may not taste like its sugary alternative, but it's healthier for you. There's tons of nutrients in them that help to fuel weight loss.

4. Coconut Oil

Just because coconut oil is rich in fatty acids, it doesn't mean it will make you gain weight.

In fact, coconut oil will balance your metabolism and help you to lose fat in your abdominal cavity, which is a region where a lot of fat tends to build up.

5. Almonds

When your digestive system is happy, your body is happy. If you can digest food faster, that means your metabolism is working at its best.

Almonds are packed with protein and good bacteria that help to keep you full longer, while cleansing your system.

These next five foods should be in your diet every day!

6. Bananas

Bananas are the fruit everyone takes when on the go. They're low in calories and are super filling, so there's the win-win.

Bananas are also high in potassium and fiber. Potassium is a muscle relaxant, and high fiber foods are linked to weight loss.

7. Eggs

Eggs don't have much calories, but are packed with nutrients that will do wonders for your body.

Egg combos that are considered the most effective for weight loss are eggs with avocado, cayenne pepper, coconut oil, black beans, or quinoa.

8. Oatmeal

That delicious bowl of hot oatmeal you eat for breakfast makes you feel fuller longer. Oatmeal is also high in fiber and iron, which will give you more strength. The less groggy you feel, the less you feel you need to munch on food.

Many people think oatmeal will contribute to your belly fat, since it's a grain, but because it's high in fiber, it's actually helping your bowel movement.

Next time you make oatmeal, make sure your liquid base is water or nonfat milk.

9. Lemons

Lemons barely have any calories, and they can help fight food cravings.

I drink hot water and lemon every morning, here are other ways this morning drink can benefit your health.

10. Chili Pepper

This one was hard to get used to, but chili peppers are considered the best vegetable to burn fat.

Researchers have discovered that adding chili peppers to your diet prevents weight gain and helps you to digest high fatty foods better.

A great diet plan is important to lose weight, but you also need a proper fitness plan! Check out 7 Basic Moves To Get The Entire Body In Shape to achieve your ideal body in no time!

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