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Unlucky With Love? Author Tony Gaskins Says These Things Could Turn It Around

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A Fatherless America

Tony A. Gaskins Jr. is the perfect example of how to turn your life around if it's headed in the wrong direction. After being heavily involved in drug dealing, mired in debt, and womanizing, he decided to transform his life.

He says his wife no longer wanted to be with him unless he changed, so he chose to "allow love to change his life." Tony quit his old life and became an author, life coach, and motivational speaker. Since then, he's published a few popular books, became the first ever on-staff life coach for an NBA team, and gained a following for his insightful advice about love and relationships.

If you've recently been through a breakup, heartbreak, or relationship difficulties, prepare to be inspired by Tony's advice about chasing the wrong people, keeping to your standards, and finding a healthy balance.

Check out these inspirational quotes to empower your relationships:


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