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Unopened Sports Card Packs Found In Attic Could Be Worth Over $1 Million

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Have you thought about what's hidden in your attic? From old clothes, to holiday decorations, and bins baby toys it can be a real chore to dig through your old treasures.

After reading this story, it may motivate you to climb up and do some cleaning. You may even find some collectibles up there that are actually worth money, like this Tennessee man did.

After his uncle passed away, he found the biggest unopened collections in baseball card history hidden in his 90-year-old aunt's attic.


"Hello, I have some unopened full boxes and almost full boxes from the 1950s and 1960s that I am considering for your auction,” said the man to Brian Drent, president of the Mile High Card Company.

The caller revealed he had boxes from the early 1960's Topps and Fleer football, 1959 Fleer Ted Williams and other sealed packs.

But the big news to Drent was, “Oh, and I have a box, it’s only 19 of the 24 packs, but it’s a Play Ball box from 1948. Wait, no, it’s 1948 Bowman.”

These black and white cards were from the Philadelphia gum company from the first year that they had a milestone set.

The 1948 Bowman little-big set was the first mainstream issue since 1941 due to the World War II paper shortage.You can find 9 Hall of Famers, including rookie cards of Stan Musial, Yogi Berra and Ralph Kiner.


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