"Unsolved Mysteries" Is Coming Back To TV And We're So Excited To Be Terrified

Did you ever have those weird conversations with your friends, the ones that spark a big thought-provoking debate over a seemingly mindless question? I did all the time, and one of the ones I remember best was "who has the 'best' voice?"

It's one of those questions that's a little oddball. What even constitutes "best voice"? We didn't mean singing, we meant coolest speaking voice.

I remember it so well because it was one of the rare questions we all agreed on: "That guy from Unsolved Mysteries."


Of course, "That guy" is Robert Stack, the host of Unsolved Mysteries for what feels like forever. He actually hosted from 1987 - 2002, the show would run until 2010, but it was in the 90s that it was at its finest.

The show delved into the often creepy world of true crime, unexplained phenomenon, or just fun rumors. We often would stay up late and watch stories of alien abductions, murderers who got away with it, or other spooky crimes.

Unsolved Mysteries eventually bit the dust even after it tried changing time slots, networks and hosts. Even so, it never strayed far from our hearts.


Now, it has another chance to scare viewers and maybe solve a few crimes too. Which network was brave enough to bring it back? Netflix of course.

The streaming giant announced they'd be rebooting the classic show and have tapped the showrunners from their creepy hit Stranger Things to make it happen. They've promised that it will still have the same "chilling feeling."

"Each episode will focus on one mystery and once again will look to viewers to help aid investigators in closing the book on long outstanding cases," Netflix said in a press release.


In total the show aired 260 episodes, but covered hundreds more cases. The new change in format may allow for more information. Netflix has had huge successes with other documentaries like The Keepers, so that might be the angle they go with for the reboot.

One of the things we used to love about the original was the reenactments. The acting was predictably over the top (even though they had future stars like Matthew McConaughey) and the production quality was so-so at best. Netflix has always produced stellar shows, like them or hate them, you can never accuse Netflix of penny-pinching. So I wonder if it will lose its charm with some more talented producers.

For now, it's a mystery!

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