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Unsuspecting Animals Stop At This Bucket Of Water, Not Realizing What's Inside

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Animals are fascinating to watch - it's the reason we have pets, zoos, and wildlife channels on TV. The only problem is, when animals know they're being watched, they might be shy and not act well, like animals.

Some of the best and most candid wildlife moments are captured with hidden cameras, and what happened here is no exception.

We all know animals need water just as much as humans do. Without it, their bodies begin to shut down very quickly. When wild animals become thirsty due to dry weather or lack of water supply, they take drastic measures like the rare moment a King Cobra approached villagers for a drink of water.

Jack Wells from Southwest Texas decided to try an experiment, and the results are fascinating. As a participant in a living off the grid project, Jack had the idea to place a GoPro at the bottom of a bucket filled with water.

Because he was in the middle of the desert, he had the feeling he'd capture some pretty cool footage through the underwater lens. He wasn't disappointed. Not only was the footage amazing, but it was also set to relaxing meditation music so viewers can reflect on the wonders of nature.


The video, which was posted by TheFieldLab on YouTube, has over 3 million views so far. Viewers were delighted and had a lot to say about it.

One YouTube user commented: "So neat seeing all the desert creatures getting a drink, glad they have water put out for them."

Another wrote: "The most simple things can be the most awesome! This was relaxing."


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