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Clever Ways to Use Silica Bags That You Never Knew

Don't throw away those little silica gel packets! These seemingly useless little bags are actually pretty handy. They work by absorbing moisture to keep things dry. Read below to find out the brilliant ways you can use these little packets around the house!


Silica gel packets (as many as you can collect!)


Save Phone From Water Damage

If you've just dropped your phone in water, try this silica gel packet trick instead of rice.

Place your phone in a ziplock bag filled with silica gel packets. Leave overnight up to a few days to give time for the moisture to be absorbed. Your phone should now work perfectly!

Keep Photos Safe and Dry

Add some silica gel packs to your family photo albums, scrapbooks or shoe boxes full of photos to keep them free from damaging moisture.

Dry a Damp Swimsuit

Add your damp swimsuit to a ziplock bag along with some silica gel packets. Your swimsuit will be dry in no time!

Clumpy Salt

Do you have a salt that won't come out of its shaker? Add a silica gel packet to the salt shaker to absorb the excess moisture.

Keep Snacks Fresh

Do you notice that your bag of chips goes stale almost immediately after it's been opened? Add a silica gel pack to your opened snack bag, seal with a clip and have fresh snacks and chips for days!

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