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Use Your Baby Shower Cards to Make this Adorable Keepsake

I love getting cards, but I always feel so guilty about throwing them out. This is why I was so excited to stumble upon this craft! This Baby Shower Card Book means you get to keep all your baby cards in a handy little book that you can keep and look at for years to come. Try it out with birthday, wedding and bridal shower cards too!


  • Baby shower cards (or birthday, anniversary, wedding or bridal shower)
  • Hole punch
  • String
  • Craft paper


  • Select the cards you want to include in your keepsake book. Use a hole punch to put holes in your cards.
  • Cut a piece of paper to be slightly bigger than the largest of your cards. This will be the cover of your card book.
  • Thread string through the holes in your paper and then through the holes in your cards.
  • Thread the string through the back of the book and tie into bows to keep your book secured.
  • If you like, place stickers or letters to the front of your book to decorate your keepsake. Your book is now finished!

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