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Utah Police Officer Proves He's A Real-Life Superhero By Smashing Through Ice To Rescue A Drowning Boy

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It was a Christmas morning unlike any other for Sgt. Aaron Thompson, an officer in the Washington County Police Department. Thompson likely expected to receive the odd few calls about someone stuck in a frozen ditch, or maybe a kid calling in to report that their little sister had stolen the present they wanted the most.


However, the call he received was anything but ordinary: it was from a young boy whose friend had been chasing the family dog out near a frozen river, only to step onto some thin ice and fall into the freezing waters. Emergency responders were contacted, and Thompson, a rescue diver by training, was the first on the scene.


Speaking to NBC News, he mentions that he made his decision about how to handle the situation right away:

"You never know exactly what you're going to get into. I just made the decision that I was going to go get him."

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