He Recorded His Dog Every Day To Remember Their Time Together

Because of a careless breeder, Pegasus the Great Dane was born with a huge disadvantage. She's a double Merle dog, or a "fatal white," known for their all-white appearance but also the birth defects that are common with their genes.

The other puppies in Pegasus's litter were either blind, deaf, or died young. Vets warned her owner Dave Meinart that the same thing could happen to Pegasus, but the filmmaker was willing to take a chance for this adorable dog.

Knowing that they might not have much time together, he created a project they could share. Every day while Pegasus ran on the treadmill, Dave taped her, making this incredible time-lapse video shot over 5 months.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending.

So far Pegasus had grown up to be a perfectly happy and healthy dog. Her genes haven't caused any problems, in fact they've actually made her very pretty, with the white coat and different-colored eyes (heterochromia) you see in this video.

But Dave had to say goodbye to Pegasus and give her to a friend when his work schedule made looking after the dog impossible.

"After months of no solution, it was obvious that her new set up with incredible love, a bigger garden and a new best friend in Luna, another Great Dane was more than I could offer," he wrote in an update to the video.

"I am lucky that I get to visit and take her for short periods, and maybe that's why in my heart she's still with me."

Monique Burrows

It's always sad to say goodbye to a beloved dog - even when they're alive and happy with a new owner - but Pegasus is lucky to beat the odds and survive this long with two owners who care so much about her.

Hopefully she can live a long and happy life with her new friends!

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