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(VIDEO)Adorable Toddler Has Adorably Confusing Conversation With Siri

This little sweet heart is getting her first lesson in digital technology and it's going as well as can be expected.

As usual, Siri has a hard time understanding anything that isn't a robot voice and so this little lady in pink is doing her best to carry on a conversation.

Throughout the whole clip the little cutie remains patient and friendly, even when Siri really isn't answering her back properly.

Wait until you hear what she says at 0:28, so precious!

Toddler Bonds With Siri

"I'm glad that you came to see me on Daddy's phone, with your colorful mouth." 😂😂😂 For more laughs, visit Bad Parenting Moments! (via Jukin Media)

Posted by 22 Words on Monday, April 17, 2017

[h/t: Bad Parenting Moments]

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