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Video Catches Two Fish In A Hilarious Feud

We've shared stories about some pretty bad neighbors before, so it's nice to know that humans aren't the only ones in the animal kingdom who just can't get along.

While these fish didn't drop a giant pile of cow poo on their property line, they had a pretty embarrassing scuffle about spring cleaning that was caught on camera.

This footage, recorded at a pet store in Huntington Beach, California, shows a Jawfish digging out a nice home for himself in the sand. Unfortunately, a Diamond Goby with some very different decorating ideas makes the job pretty hard for him.

Tidying up is hard enough, but imagine if your neighbor kept puking and kicking sand back into your home as fast as you could sweep it out.

The woman who recorded this video, Dawn Oliphant-Dababneh, wrote on Facebook that she liked it because of the Clownfish and Dragonet, who were "gawking at the commotion like nosy neighbors."

Who's gonna win?!

Posted by Seaside Tropical Fish on Tuesday, April 4, 2017

There's two sides to every story, but it seems to us like the Goby is the bad guy in this situation. He should be helping to tidy up the neighborhood!

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