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He Looks Inside The Drowning SUV, What He Sees Makes Him Scream (VIDEO)

As a tornado tore through Texas, Phillip Ocheltree made the decision to drive his wife, infant son and 2-year-old daughter away from the disaster that was yet to come.

As the family drove along the road just outside of Dallas, their black Chevrolet SUV hydroplaned and flipped off the highway. The family was trapped, upside down in the raging flood waters and time was running out.

The water was moving with too much force against the truck for Ocheltree to open the doors, although he desperately tried.

Thankfully, Tom Mitchell was driving by and saw the truck. He and others pulled up next to the truck as lightening flashed and tornado sirens wailed around them. Six men climbed into the rushing waters and began the desperate rescue mission.

One man suddenly looks inside the back of the vehicle. To his horror, he realizes that there are two young children in the SUV - and they weren't breathing.

“I need a knife,” a man yells in the video, as the group of men surrounded the truck. “A sharp knife!”

It's a horrifyingly intense two minutes as rescuers try to breathe life back into the toddler who is gasping for air. Her baby brother was bleeding from the mouth as adults tried to revive them both.

Thankfully, both siblings were revived and treated at a nearby hospital. Both parents also survived and Ocheltree recently shared news of his childrens' recoveries.

Their daughter, Addy, is still in recovery at the hospital. Their son, Marshall, is "in excellent condition and is full of life."

The family requests prayers for Addy and all of those affected by the tornado.  

"She is stable and breathing more and more on her own but it's all up to her as to when she is ready to wake up see everyone please please keep my little bug your prayers," he writes.

" I can't thank you all enough who came into the water and saved my children your a blessing thank you all so much."

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