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Video Surfaces Of Carrie Underwood At Age 15, And The Announcer's Words Are Haunting

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Even if you don't know her music, you know who Carrie Underwood is.

The American Idol winner is the most successful contestant to ever come off the show, with over 16.2 millions records sold.

Underwood won Idol at just 22 years old and since then she has become country music royalty. She has 5 studio albums, as well as one greatest hits album under her belt including:

  • Some Hearts (2005)
  • Carnival Ride (2007)
  • Play On (2009)
  • Blown Away (2012)
  • Greatest Hits: Decade #1 (2014)
  • Storyteller (2015)

This, along with 7 Grammy Awards has turned Carrie Underwood into America's sweetheart.

She even has a perfect family, marrying NHL player Mike Fisher in 2010. Together, they have one son named Isaiah.

But before she become Carrie Underwood: International Sensation, she was just Carrie Underwood: Average High School Student. Recently, video surfaced of a performance Underwood gave at the 1998 Miss Westark pageant when she was 15 years old. To say she was a star, even from a young age, is an understatement!

Continue to the next page to find watch the video, and hear the haunting prediction the announcer made that evening.

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