Vintage Christmas Photos Show How Merry And Bright The Holidays Used To Be

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In my family, the holidays are a time to look back on our fond memories from past Christmases and share a good laugh at how different things used to be.

Obviously we're not alone, because the internet is chock full of Christmas photos.

Some are sweet, and some are silly. Some are embarrassing, and some are endearing. But they all capture a Christmas memory for one family.

Take a look at how Christmas decorations (and fashion) have changed through the years. And if you have your own vintage holiday photos, we would love to see them.

The 1940s

Setting up the tree, 1941.

A family Christmas from 1945, in Helsinki, Finland.

Boys with their Christmas train set in 1946.

"My grandparents and their nine children," from 1947.

During and after Macy's Christmas rush in 1948.

The 1950s

Johnston City, Tennessee.

Posing by the office Christmas tree.

A car for Christmas, 1953.

"First Lionel electric train." 1953.

Christmas gifts - 1955.

"From 1957, my big brothers and me pose for our annual Christmas portrait."

Siblings on Christmas morning, 1957.

Christmas Eve, Downtown Marion, Indiana - 1958.

"Dressed up for Christmas," from 1958.

A baby girl's first Christmas tree, from 1959.

The 1960s

"My mother, just after she opened her Jade transistor radio at Christmas in the late '60s."

A Christmas display from Coimbra, Portugal.

"Getting what you want for Christmas."

Christmas time in downtown Kansas City.

"My hubby receiving one of his favorite gifts on Christmas day, 1963."

Santa's Littlest Helper, 1964.

Holiday season at the Belvidere Mall in Waukegan, Illinois, from 1965.

Christmas morning, 1966.

Enjoying new presents in 1967.

The 1970s

"Thrilled that it's Christmas again." From 1970.

A very Star Wars Christmas morning.

Opening presents, 1972.

"Excited about Christmas." From 1977.

Merry Christmas! Do you have any vintage Christmas photos like these?

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