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Viral Video Will Make You Think Twice About Eating At A Hot Bar


Considering it's Halloween, there are a lot of spooky things going on, but nothing is scarier than this video that has gone viral in the last twenty-four hours.

Originally posted on Reddit and later shared on Twitter, the video shows a man at a grocery store's hot bar making many people's worst nightmares a reality.

The video shows a man at an unnamed grocery store's hot bar taking a sip of soup directly from the ladle. Unbeknownst to him, his unhygienic, stomach-churning actions were being recorded by another shopper.

Warning: watch at your own risk because you may never want to go near a hot bar after you see what happens.

The video has since spread across social media and received over a million views as well as some very extreme reactions from people, many expressing their disgust and anger over the man's behavior.

There were a few people who were able to see the humor in it all and took the opportunity to refer to the classic Seinfeld "no more soup for you" joke.

There is no official confirmation, but some observant Twitter users believe that the incident took place at a Mariano's Supermarket in Chicago.

After multiple tweets tagged the store in the replies, they provided what appears to be an automated response. It read:

"Hi, thank you for reaching out to us. We make an effort every day to provide our customers with the freshest, high quality foods. We are monitoring the safety and quality of our products and services to ensure we are living up to that promise. Thank you so much for the feedback."

Although this particular incident took place at a specific location, Twitter users pointed out that this occurs more often than it should.

So far, the man has yet to be identified and it's unclear if the store has taken any actions against him.

Have you ever witnessed something like this at a store or restaurant?

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