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Volkswagen Has A More Popular Product Than Cars, And Most People Have No Idea It Exists

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If someone asked you to name the most popular car brands in the world, what would be your #1 response? Ford? Chevy? Ferrari? Volkswagen would probably be on most people's lists as well.

The German-made cars have a great reputation as sturdy, dependable, and long-lasting. It's why they're still so popular today. If you buy VW, you know you've got a good car.

From then:

An old-fashioned VW BeetleWikipedia

Until now:

A new VW Beetle.Motor Trend

In 2015 alone, Volkswagen sold 5.82 million cars, a big number for any company. But did you know that in the same year, VW sold more of another product than they did cars? A product that has NOTHING to do with transportation? And no, it's not a warranty.

Continue reading to find out what product Volkswagen sold more of than cars in 2015.

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