Volunteer Firefighter Rescues Bald Eagle Tangled in Fishing Line

It was not uncommon for this Missouri man to see wild animals on his trip home. He lives on a farm, so nature is right outside his doorstep.

“I take the dogs out every morning and I noticed that eagle hanging from the tree, and the closer I got, I realized the eagle got tangled up in fishing line,” said Alan Raetz.

Alan didn't want to leave the animal to figure it out on its own, so he called volunteer firefighter Brian Chaney for help with the rescue.

“It’s in quite a predicament hanging,” Chaney said. “I just shimmied up the tree, pulled him to me and then worked on cutting the string off of him.”

It took the firefighter 45 minutes to free the 30-pound bird from the web of line. The eagle was unharmed by the events and was able to swim to the shore and fly away.

Watch the video and see this amazing rescue.

What would you have done if you found an animal like this?

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