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Waiter Fired Over Question That Left Customers In A 'Complete State Of Shock'

When a group of girls went out to lunch in Huntington Beach, California, they were expecting to have a nice meal and fun conversation. Instead, they were asked a question that stunned them and had them immediately speak to a manager.

Diana Carillo posted about her experience at the Saint Marc Pub-Cafe and people couldn't believe what had happened to her and her friends.  

It explains that while a few of her friends were being seated at the restaurant, the waiter asked them for "proof of residency". When they asked him to repeat the question he replied "yeah, I need to make sure you're from here before I serve you."

Such in-your-face- racism is hard to believe, and it took a minute for Carillo to even understand. Once she realized what was happening she wasn't about to let the rude waiter get away with it.

They didn't understand why anyone would ask that so they immediately got up and spoke to the manager. They had thought for a moment that it may have been a joke, but once he said the second comment of needing to "make sure you're from here" they were livid.

Carrillo is of Mexican decent but was born in the United States and says this was the first time she had experience such blatant racism.

"As soon as I sat down, the waiter approached the table and without welcoming us, asked me for my proof of residency. I just handed it over to him. I didn't know what to say. I had no words. I felt paralyzed literally for a few moments, just in a complete state of shock," She said of the incident.

Since the incident, the restaurant has fired the waiter, and posted an apology to Carrillo and her friends. They have decided to make a donation in her honor to the Orange County Immigrant Youth.

The restaurant stated that the "[waiter] did not treat a table of guests to the expectations that we set forth in that company policy, and that caused him to be terminated."

Carrillo and her friends were offered a VIP treatment meal along with the donation but they opted to just get the donation and not return to this restaurant.

Have you ever experienced such terrible treatment yourself? Share in the comments.