Walmart Makes Delicious New Pastry Creation That You Won't Get Anywhere Else

When you think of trendy foods, Walmart doesn’t immediately come to mind, but that’s about to change.

The retail giant is the next brand to jump on the stunt food bandwagon and they’re doing it with full force.

"Customers, especially millennial customers, are hungry for new food trends and cool ways to experience food, and we want to be a destination for that," said Bradlee Underwood, a Walmart Bakery senior buyer.

Soon you’ll be able to purchase a new French and Mexican pastry concoction known as a Crotilla (pronounced Crow-tee-ah) at a Walmart supercentre near you.


“What in the world is a crotilla?” you ask.

As the name suggests, a crotilla is a croissant and tortilla hybrid that looks like naan bread only flakier and a lot more buttery.


According to the press release, the crotilla is “destined to be the hottest mashup since tweens started asking for Labradoodles.”

Umm, alright then. How about they let customers decide that after they try it.

The press release also boasts that crotillas are perfect for anytime of day and can be included in a variety of recipes including “breakfast sandwiches and flatbread pizzas, to exciting salad sides and inventive desserts.”

Crotillas are now available for sale in 832 Walmart stores across the nation. A pack of 8 retails for $3.98.

Will you try it? Let us know!

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