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Former Walmart Manager Shares The Tricks That Will Save You Money Every Week

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I have a secret to confess:

During the five years I worked as a Customer Service Manager for Walmart, I was never very good at saying "No."

A manager's job is to enforce Walmart's rules and policies, but when it came to helping customers save money, I just couldn't stop myself.

While a little politeness goes a long way - customers can be very rude - cutting your weekly Walmart bill in half is actually very simple.

You just need to know a few simple tricks about how the business works. Luckily, I'm here to help!

How To Price Match At Walmart

Walmart checkout

Price matching is one of the policies that sets Walmart apart from other stores.

Instead of running to five stores to get all your groceries, you can pick them up at Walmart at the same low price the other stores are advertising.

Here's how it works:

Bring in a flyer or ad for another retailer, with a specific price for a specific item (say original Tide 4.43 liters for $5).

Show the cashier the flyer and they'll mark down the same item to the other store's price.

Walmart cashier

Walmart will also match a handful of online retailers (,, but they can be a little stingy.

Produce and items already on clearance will sometimes be exempt from price matching.

Some local Walmarts have begun discontinuing price matching, but there are plenty of other ways to save money.

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